Protect America Review – Is It a Real Deal?

Protect America alarm system

Wireless systems are known to be one of mankind’s greatest innovations. Giving you the ease of doing installations on your own as well as avoiding all the fees that come along with it. Pairing ease with security is the main objective of Protect America.

Protect America’s History and Reputation

Protect America has been operating from Austin, TX, since 1992. Serving safety and security to families for now over 25 years. Its been known to have very responsive sensors, easy to install and configure panels, as well as 24/7 professional monitoring.

Service is provided to all 50 states with systems guaranteed to never fail. The equipments used in the system are a bit pricey but are worth its cost because of its durability.

It has also received a total of 109 customer reviews on the Better Business Bureau website, wherein 93% (101 reviews) are negative insights regarding the product and service. The number one issue causing the negativity is the cancellation policy.

Many reviews have granted it the Consumers Digest Golden Seal, a 5-star rating from Top Consumer Reviews, and a legitimate Consumer Affairs accreditation.

Recently, Protect America has been known for their 3-year contract. With that being said, the Protect America security reviews have been going downhill. It has been trying to offer more competitive prices to its loyal customers, however, have always made it clear that they would need to sign yet another 3 years with the company.

Plan Pricing and Services

Protect America offers top-notch security in three easy packages. Here are the plans available and its inclusions:

Monthly CostsLandline: $19.99

Broadband: $41.99

Cellular: $41.99

Landline: $37.99

Broadband: $49.99

Cellular: $49.99

Landline: $42.99

Broadband: $54.99

Cellular: $54.99

Installation FeesFREEFREEFREE
Main FeaturesCan monitor small-sized homes using either your landline, cellphone or internet.Covers mid-sized to large-sized home monitoring.Monitors business venues and commercial buildings.
EquipmentStandard Control Panel

3 Door/Window Sensors

1 Motion Detector

1 Yard Sign

4 Door/Window Stickers

Has the inclusions of the Copper package but adds 6 extra door/window sensors.Has the inclusions of the Copper package but adds 11 extra door/window sensors.

You have the option to add more sensors, cameras, etc. to your package individually. These may cost around $39 up to $150 per piece. Lifetime warranties are guaranteed for all customers and regardless of any additional items, the monitoring fees (monthly fees) will still stay the same rate.

Also, customers are assured that monitoring rates would never increase over time during the duration of the contract without their approval.

Top Tips for Buyers

If you are looking for a chance to get a free Simon XT wireless system, then purchasing any package from Protect America is your best option.

Since Protect America provides wireless systems, you should be able to have a demo provided by the company. Be smart, if it refuses to do a demo, then move on to the next home security provider.

Make sure to go over your contract before signing, and always have the prices written in black and white. Double check the warranties and the fine print.

You have the option to pay an upfront price (Monthly Rate x 36 Months) or on a monthly basis. This is done for customers that have their credit scores rejected.

You would need to contact its customer representative to submit the letter of cancellation should you wish to cancel the service before the end of your contract. Failure to do so will give Protect America the consent to renew the contract for 3 more years.

Cancellation and Transfer Policies

If you find that the system is not a good fit for your home, you have the option to return the package for a refund within 15 days of the shipment of the equipment. However, doing so will require you to pay its $79 restocking fee.

The standard duration as per company policy is for 36 months upon contract signing. You would be charged payments directly to your provided card regardless if the service was used or not.

Moving the system comes with no fees. Since it is a plug-and-play system, you will just simply need to unplug the equipment then plug it back in when you get to your new home. It would also provide a free moving kit which includes new door and window decals, a screwdriver, cleaning materials, and special adhesive for easy reinstallation.

You also have the option to transfer ownership to another person. If you ever choose to sell your home and keep the system installed, you would need to contact the customer care specialist for assistance in transferring the account ownership.

Be reminded to update any new information such as the new address, contact number, and any new emergency numbers that you may add.

Many times this past couple of years, due to the faulty systems, customers have resorted to the cancellation of their accounts. Customer service representatives have been coined as rude and condescending.  The company also claims that they do not receive the letter of cancellation.

Due to these incidents, consumers have been charged for a service that they know they have canceled. Because of this, the Protect America home security complaints have escalated to quite a hefty amount.

What’s the Bottom Line?


  • Offers easy access to security monitoring using your landline, internet or cellphone.
  • The wireless installation makes it easy to transfer.
  • Fees are locked-in. No fluctuating prices for the next 3 years.
  • Free Simon XT equipment (upon activation of new plan) and relocation kit (if moving to a different residence.)


  • Issues regarding customer service approach.
  • Problems in cancellation and contract termination.
  • If you choose to cancel the contract within the first 3 years, you would need to pay the whole price of the 36-month contract.
  • Low trust scores with BBB and other review websites.

Now, before you go ahead with your decision to purchase a security system, research on all its reviews. Much like reviews for Protect America, whose reputation seems to be slipping off the slopes with all the negative feedback.

If you are not 100% sure with the system that you want to use, then don’t be in a hurry to have the Protect America security system installed. You may have it easy come installment, however, any future plans to cancel the contract may be more difficult than you imagine.

Always go with your gut feeling. Don’t just think about home security, you have to give it a thought to give your finances some security as well.

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