Night Owl Security System – Oh, You Need to Read This!

Night owl security CCTV system

Security does not come cheap, except if we’re talking about Night Owl. The company is one of the leading manufacturers of security cameras and DVRs as far as affordability and efficiency are concerned.

The company has a wide array of products, from individual cameras to a complete surveillance system. Read this Night Owl camera review and discover that security can possibly come at an affordable price!

Night Owl Products

Night Owl is fairly young in the business as it only started in 2009, but its popularity is gaining momentum thanks to their cost-effective and efficient products. Basically, the company offers the following:

  • Complete Security Systems
  • Cameras
  • Stand Alone DVRs
  • Cables and Accessories
  • Covert Security Equipment

The company’s complete security system allows you to install either 4, 8, or 16 channels at a time. This means you can install up to 16 cameras depending on what system you purchase.

The units may come with either a digital, network or analog video recorder. All recorders have a built-in storage reaching up to 2TB, allowing you to archive a minimum six months-worth of footages.

They also offers individual cameras and digital video recorders (DVR) in case you need to add a unit to your existing system. This is important if you had an extension in your house that you want to secure, or if your DVR starts to malfunction. 

Superior Video Quality

Surveillance cameras were infamous for capturing grainy, low-resolution videos. That’s not true, fortunately, with Night Owl. All of the company’s units, from analog to wireless, are capable of capturing clear and crisp images without fuss, in broad daylight or nighttime. You can even expect to watch a 1080p footage of a delivery man walking towards your front door!   

Aside from the high-resolution video, the cameras also offer a wider perspective of the room or surrounding that you’re surveying. Take for instance the NVR10-822 camera system that features cameras with 70-degree wide angle lenses. Compare that to the standard 42-degree view of most security cameras. Indeed, the Night Owl provides better pictures for easier viewing!

The NVR10-822, with its superior video quality, might make you think that the item is expensive. Well, believe it or not, the price won’t break your bank especially if you purchase it and similar products from online stores such as Amazon. Indeed, Night Owl gives you the best bang for your buck!   

Smart Alarm System

Out of the house? You can rest assured that you will know if someone’s entering your property through the security system’s push notifications. You can activate the said feature by downloading and using the Night Owl HD app. Of course, make sure that your smart device is connected to your system so that it can transmit if there’s any detection of movement within the premises.

That said, you might ask about false alarms, right? Thankfully, you won’t have to worry about notifications of bugs, rain, and lightning flooding your smart device. With its dual sensor technology, you will only receive alerts if there’s a detected movement by a human, animal, or vehicle (thanks to the infrared sensor that activates only if there’s both motion and heat).

The advanced sensor technology will not completely eliminate all false alarms but will minimize them to up to 90%. Say, that’s already a big help in reducing the number of annoying notifications!

Ease Of Installation

The Night Owl camera system can either be hardwired or wireless. No matter what your preference is, every product from the company comes with a quick setup guide. You just have to strictly follow the instructions to make the most out of your purchase.

That said, installing the wireless is much easier. You’d want to try products such as the WNVR201-88P which received a lot of good reviews thanks to how easy it is to install the system. 

Hardwired systems, on the other hand, requires prior planning before you can fully use it. You have to form strategies for the cables, taking into consideration how you’d hide the wires for protective and aesthetic reasons.

Installing cabled systems might be a bit hard for the clueless, but to those who love DIY projects, you can always refer to instructional videos made available by the company itsel. Afraid to take matters into your own hands? The company has professional installers to help you set up.

Other Helpful Features

Night Owl security cameras also come with the following features:

  • Remote monitoring through the Night Owl HD app: Install the app on your smart devices to be able to view video transmissions whenever and wherever you are.
  • Dual audio capability: You can use certain Night Owl cameras to both record audio and communicate with the people inside your house. The latter is made possible through the use of the company’s app. You just have to connect your mobile’s app to the camera and you got an instant virtual intercom!


  • 1080p HD quality videos make face recognition and zooming-in more efficient
  • Most systems/cameras are affordable
  • Easy to install (especially the wireless camera system)
  • Products come with a one-year warranty
  • 24/7 technical support and setup wizard to help you with the installation


  • More advanced systems/and cameras can be pricey
  • Analog Night Owl cameras have inferior capabilities (limited reach, angle, and night vision)
  • Units are only suitable for the consumer market (small homes and businesses)


How do Night Owl cameras fare compared with other consumer security systems? Well, cheaper camera units may lack one of the many features that the company offer. For instance, Nest Cam Indoor cameras will require you to pay a cloud storage fee of $10 monthly. With Night Owl, you can enjoy built-in video space for a minimum of 6 months at no added cost. That’s a lot of savings!

Also, we don’t have to record everything that our security camera sees, right? Fortunately, you can customize the Night Owl security system to only activate recording if it detects an activity. This capability is different from the Nest Cam Outdoor camera that tends to record 24/7 (which might use up a lot of your internet plan’s bandwidth).

If you want cheaper cameras, at least opt for the analog Night Owl ones, as the said units are able to record audio and have night vision. The said capabilities are a bit advanced compared to their price tags.

What's the Bottom Line?

Overall, our Night Owl security camera system review shows that you can get a fair share of protection at an affordable price if you use the company’s products. 

Of course, we should accept that products made for the consumer market are not as durable and advanced as more professional security systems. But, if we consider what the security this particular security system has to offer, investing in this ever affordable system is not all that bad.

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